I think it was Glyn Fielding who put the show together. We had both been at Wimbledon doing sculpture and had kept in touch. There were six artists showing in two groups of three.

I asked Bernard Meadows, who ran sculpture at the College if  I, a lowly painting oik, could use a studio to make the work. It was arranged and, during the summer, I made the piece. In those days Bernard was very against idle chat. As far as he was concerned you came to work, not talk. When I went to visit Tony Cragg from my studio at the back of the V&A, he would often come storming out from his office and ask who I was, when told I was a painting student he would say 'Shouldn't you be working?' This would happen once a week. When I was working in the sculpture school he deigned to recognise me but would still storm out when Eva came to visit, but as with everyone, she charmed him.


Colour route




Black and white route
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